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People do business with those they know, like, and trust. Social networks have introduced a powerful means of increasing the number of people who know, like, and trust you and your business. One of the most important differences between social media and traditional media is the opportunity for two-way communication. Interactive engagement with your audience is much more effective in cultivating relationships with potential customers than old-fashioned push advertising.

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16 thoughts on “Social Media For Business

  1. Short and sweet, yes absolutely there is interaction. Well really there should be with both. In creating a know like and trust, you have to be able to interact in whatever form it is necessary for them to see you as someone who can help!

  2. Yes, people definitely do business with people they know and trust. This is a phrase that is repeated time and time again. And you know, I never get tired of it. There are always people new to starting their own business and are learning all about social media for their biz.

  3. Absolutely TRUE! And that is what makes it a little bit tricky, specially if you are not used to that kind of marketing.
    I am in nature very shy so it isn’t that easy for me to go out there and do social media marketing; however, I am working on it and I am reading books like “The Like Economy” and “Likable”.
    Thanks for the post.

  4. Social media is definitely a fascinating world. It is the new word of mouth networking. I find myself training about a topic of social media almost everyday. It grows by leaps and bounds so becoming knowledgeable and apply what works for your niche is the name of the game. Thanks so much for your post.

  5. Very true. It is amazing how we have come full circle. We’ve left our villages where the only way to conduct business was one on one. From there we’ve moved on to big cities with personal interaction was rared. With the internet we said good bye to the one on one business method only to get back to it through the advent of social media!

  6. This is what most businesses need to understand. Social media is a very powerful tool they can take advantage of in terms of communicating and building relationships. If done right, it could get them more sales. If done poorly – like in your face type of advertising and sales, they run the risk of loosing their followers, and their business!

  7. I agree,

    Social media is unique in it’s ability to create dialogues instead of a person or business just broadcasting about itself. Another cool aspect of this is that the more this engagements happens, the more exposure the original piece of content can receive due to the viral exposure that is possible through Social Media.

  8. Very succinct and to the point. I totally agree with the idea that people will bo business with you if they trust you. This is something that I just recently learned and now I’m trying to adjust to this thinking. Thanks for the post.


  9. You have captured the benefits of social media(SM) for businesses very well in just a few sentences. The relationship aspect in social media is definitely a big on and I love Mari Smith latest book ‘Relationship Marketing’ for that reason.
    Another aspect is that using SM can have the viral effect and reach people which normally would not find out about the business.

    Thank you so much for sharing this.
    Yorinda recently posted..Discover how to BE the ChangeMy Profile

  10. Hi Buddy,

    I couldn’t agree more with your mentioned about people do business with those they do , like and trust. I find that social networking sites allow us to interact with people and the more conversations we have with one another, the higher the chances for developing a closer relationship and it definitely helps a lot in getting the right people to do business with each other.

    Thanks for sharing, Buddy ! :-)

    Cheers ! :-)
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