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Social media for business elicits the question of ROI. Business is conducted between people, and is therefore “social.” Don’t ask, “Yes or No?” Ask, WHICH ? All decisions are relative. Everytime we choose to do something, we choose, by default, NOT to do other things. Our time, money, energy, attention, and social capital, are limited…

For example, by choosing to invest my time writing this, I chose not to write something else. Then I chose to post this article on this blog, and not on my other blogs. For my thoughts on information overload and overwhelm, see my post, “Enough is Enough!”

We tend to want to have it all, do it all, and be all things to all people. It “ain’t” happenin’ my friend! We need to keep our priorities in mind. We need to be willing to say NO to lots of desirable things and enticing people. This is just especially true on the internet, where the stimuli are overwhelming. The temptation to follow one tangent after another saps our time and confuses us. The situation is especially dangerous on social networking sites.


Pareto’s Law, AKA the 80/20 Principle, is a guide to prioritizing the “vital few” vs. the “trivial many.”  It applies to ROI for businesses which participate on social media. When we choose to invest time (= money) in social networking, we have MANY relative choices to make among networking sites, and among potential “Friends,” Fans, and “Followers” and connections. It is impossible to do it all. We cannot be all things to all people. If we pursue maximum quantity, we may have to sacrifice quality.


As a “do-gooder” idealist, I used to want to do everything right. But I discovered that some things are ONLY worth doing if we are willing to accept imperfection in order to do them efficiently. This is not mutually exclusive to the concept that effectiveness is more important than efficiency. Sometimes we can be more effective overall, net-net, by doing some things minimally. Of course, SOME things (much of the 80 %) are NOT worth doing at all. I have finally concluded that, despite the old adage to the contrary, NOT “everything worth doing is worth doing well.” What do YOU think? Please post your opinions and comments here.

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16 thoughts on “Ask the Right Question

  1. Your article definitely hit home with me – right timing! A lot of the things I did last year were successful – for the first year of my blog. But I hit a plateau and stalled and had to accept that some things are no longer working and I need to start doing others – something has to give if I’m going to take my blog to the next level so I’m busy pushing the walls of my comfort zone. Thanks for the inspiration!
    marquita herald recently posted..Turn Even the Most Unexpected Detour into an Opportunity for GrowthMy Profile

  2. The power of choice is quite amazing. By selecting one thing that we want, we have to not select everything else. And when all choices are equally appealing, it makes it ever so much more difficult to be happy no matter what we choose.

    Using an analytical method to make a selection is an excellent idea for cutting through the overwhelming amount of clutter in the world – especially in the social media. I also thought it was important to use all the available sites, only to go back a bit later and find that my nicely written profile or comment or account was now a 404. :-(

    I don’t mind making choices anymore when it comes to where to put my time and effort. Thank you for a nicely written article.
    Michael recently posted..The Yellow HouseMy Profile

  3. Ahh, the good old 80/20 rule… focus on the 20% of what works and put all your focus and attention there… it’s amazing how it works in ALL areas of life.

    If only people would SIMPLIFY what they do, it would make their lives so much easier.

    I used to complicate everything and try to do too many things… I got rid of a load of stuff and things changed!

    Hope you are doing great Buddy!

  4. Prioritizing is definitely a necessity. You have to put together a plan for your business, even what you do online to make sure that you are on target and make the most of your time.

    For me as both a professional blogger and a WordPress Designer and developer… it is important to do things well all the time. If my blog post says the same as everyone elses, then I was not thorough enough to make sure I covered all the bases. In design, if I did not do well, my client would not pay me.
    Nile recently posted..Has Blogging Become A Chore to You?My Profile

  5. Hi Buddy, this post is a real wakeup reminder to realize that with social media is is so important to prioritize what we are trying to accomplish. It is easy to get caught up on Facebook and Twitter etc…connecting and sharing with our friends and forget about what we need to do to achieve our business goals. Thanks for sharing :)
    Shelley Alexander recently posted..Why Carrots Are A Superstar VegetableMy Profile

  6. Hi Buddy:

    Great thoughts! I am very much like you in being a perfectionist and I am learning too that imperfection is alright. I once heard someone say that about writing “An imperfect book published is way better than an perfect book that never gets published.”

    Kevin Martineau recently posted..Love is a commitmentMy Profile

  7. Buddy,
    As one who has attempted to do it all – Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, and then post articles at,,,,, as well as my 2 blogs, my 2 blogtalk radio shows, and the launch of my Healing Through Love Seminar Series, the words that come out are “Ahhh!” There is only so much any one person can do. When I find the time, I focus on writing articles and blog posts. At other times I focus on my social media presence. At other times, I focus on community building at the different sites.
    Your article states it so clearly. “That not everything worth doing is worth doing well.” Something has to give somewhere.


    Dr. Erica
    Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted..Valentine’s Day is for Lovers Around the WorldMy Profile

  8. You’re so right Buddy. I think that completing goals and being effective (not in the smaller factors) but in the activities that are the most important in reaching your goal is what to concentrate on. And believe me I’ve wasted a lot of time…I’ve learned the hard way like so many.

    People are always telling me that I need to do certain things but when you become effective, you’re doing things that matter. My Friend, Ann Sieg from The Renegade Network Marketer explained it this way…

    Efficient just means to perform a certain job well with a minimal amount of effort. But being effective means to take the overall objective into consideration and figuring out which activities are the most important to reaching your goal and then doing them, efficiently or not. It is always better to be effective than efficient because some factors are much bigger factors than the lesser activities, no matter how well they’re performed. They never give the kind of results as the core ones.

    So I’m concentrating on the big picture and doing the smaller things, (even though it seems I’m not doing much) to get me there. They’re not perfect but I’m like you my friend. We have to make so many choices and we try to make sure that we don’t get screwed again. I think everybody should work smarter and be effective in reaching their overall goal and get it done.

    Great post Buddy and it was a fantastic read for me. Take care my friend.

    Rick Salas
    Rick Salas recently posted..Why Your San Antonio Network Marketing Business Might StruggleMy Profile

  9. Thank You Buddy
    For a very interesting post and I agree to a point on your analogy on effectiveness is more important than efficiency. Some things we just have to back away from.
    Again thank you

  10. Buddy,
    I agree that we have to say no to distractions. A few years ago I was having moderate success in my business. In my circle of influence I was being pursued by everybody to join THEIR business. I had to decline their offers and stay focused on my own endevours. Which, of course, starts the animosity and decension…..but that’s another story for another time! lol
    Stay thirsty my friend!

    Tom Burt
    Tom Burt recently posted..What is Acerola ?My Profile

  11. Hi Buddy,

    You make a great point by bringing up “prioritizing the “vital few” vs. the “trivial many.” Social media is a huge undertaking. It is so easy to get buried in the whirlwind of trying to keep up with so many possible avenues that are thrown our way on a daily basis. Since time = money, there comes a point when you have to decide on what is going to bring in ROI rather than frittering away your time with activities that waste time.

    In response to the old adage of what is worth doing, I agree. Sometimes it is better to do things minimally, then not at all. Thanks for a thought provoking post. I will check out your post, “Enough is Enough!”

    Raena Lynn

  12. Perfectionism caught my eye. I am still in ‘recovery”. For me, avoiding meant that I did not have say that I was afraid. This subtle and not-so-subtle behavior was adopted to side-step issues and situations. My impulse toward perfectionism, for example, said that I don’t want to risk doing something if I can’t do it perfectly. “Forgetting” a doctor’s appointments once meant that I was afraid to find out if something really is wrong. Yikes. I definitely had to ask myself the difficult but right questions.
    Rachel Lavern recently posted..2 Easy Tools for Resisting TemptationMy Profile

  13. HI Buddy…
    I really like the central theme of your post…”Choices”. By choosing to comment on your post, I was blessed to share the abundance with you. Life is all inclusive of choices. We can choose to be happy or sad. We can choose to be “Go-Givers” or “Go-Takers”. We can choose to be effective or ineffective, either way by doing this, we get to live with results. They might be results that we do not like, but there is an end game. The choice is ours. Thanks.
    Martin Casper recently posted..Are There Empowering Aspects of Being a “Bird Brain”?My Profile

  14. Hi Buddy,

    thank you so much for bringing my attention to this subject.

    You are so right, we can not be all things to all people. Sometimes we need to choose, re-evaluate our priorities.

    You comment on that ‘effectiveness is more important than efficiency’ got me thinking, especially since English is not my ‘mother language’ even though it was the language I mostly spoke for over 30 years.

    Thank you for sharing this.
    Yorinda recently posted..The Tetris Effect and HappinessMy Profile

  15. Hi Buddy,
    I learned about a great technique for figuring out what you REALLY need in your life. Swipe the slate clean and only add “the vital few” back one by one. It’s like cleaning out a closet….What is the first thing you do? EMPTY IT OUT! You only put back what you really need. With network marketing you can do the same thing. With so many options it can be overwhelming ….Start fresh!! FOCUS on what is the best use of your time and effort. Always remember: “Perfect” is just a word :) Thanks!

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